Splitter Block

The common splitter block in Brisbane is an 810m² parcel of land, which is often already in two 405m² lots with a house right in the middle.

The site can be maximised by either sliding the existing house over on to one of the 405m² lots or removing it completely.

This creates two options:

  1. Existing house on 405m² lot plus a vacant 405m² lot
  2. Two new 405m² vacant lots

Developer may either choose to sell and / or build.


Sub-division consists of creating two or more new lots from one large parcel of land. This could be the common “battle-axe” configuration up to larger multi-lot sub-divisions, where new roads and lighting are required. The land can be on-sold vacant or a new “house & land” package created.

Townhouses / Units / Duplexes

Often referred to as “multi-unit dwellings”, this is where an existing house site or vacant block is maximized though construction The density is increased from one to multiple dwellings with a duplex, units or townhouses. These can be sold for profit or retained to lease out, or a mix of the two.

Development Approval

A suitable zoned block (with or without a dwelling on it) is acquired and value is added to the site by obtaining a Development Approval (or DA) from council to increase the density. The DA could be for a basic splitter through to a large townhouse development or sub-division. The site is now deemed more valuable due to the approval in place to increase the density, which can be on-sold with the DA in place for a profit.

Talk to us about the following strategies:

  • Renovation

  • Option Deeds

  • Vender Finance

  • Rent to Own

  • Buy & Hold Investment

  • Joint Ventures

  • Project Management

  • SMSF’s

  • Combinations